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Do these two things before you build your website

Do these two things before you build your website:

1: get your domain name and

2: get your web hosting.

1.Get your domain name at boppeshoppe (Click here to search)

Choosing the right domain name is key in helping your audience connect with your brand, it is wise to think on and choose a domain name that isn’t too big in letters. Here are two examples, which one would you find easier to type in: or When you’re at a networking event and you share your digital business card or give out a physical one which would be easier for the person you just met to remember? If your name isn’t’ available you can’t go wrong with including a keyword that is found for the service or product you offer. Here is another example: vs, when it comes to your domain name it’s all about being strategic. At our partner registar when you choose your domain name you have the option to secure your domain for one year or multiple years. Boppeshoppe offers customer support that orbits around phone support so if you need to call they can help 24/7.



2. Get your web hosting at Stewhosting (click here to begin)

Web hosting is what allows your audience to connect with your website, it is also where your web files will sit. When someone types in your domain name it leads them to the location where your webfiles are located on a server. If you’re ok with sharing the cost of hosting consider shared web hosting. At Stewhosting we can be hands on in helping you or hands off because we know some of our customers are capable of setting up the web hosting themselves. If you’re looking at running computer software or an app or you get a lot of traffic on your website we recommend you consider vps hosting, this stands for virtual private server. It is designed for applications that will receive more web traffic. Most of our plans come with an ssl and business email because we know it makes sense to encrypt your website and have a business email that helps promote our customers brand. If you have any questions please reach out, we’d like to help.

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