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The best web hosting, ssl certificate, business email bundle

Have you ever wanted to get the best web hosting, a SSL certificate, and a business email account bundle all for $16:97 a month? At you can do just that. It makes sense for us to bundle these three services and web hostinghelp customers save money. Let’s imagine for a brief moment you went with one of the top web hosts in the industry and you sign up for the business email. You pay a promo price of $6.99 per month and $14.99 after the promotional is over. The final cost will be $83.33 under the promotional bracket and $179.88 not including tax. When you look at the SSL certificate which is paid on a yearly basis a promo rate could be $59.99 for the bottom tier plan of one domain name. After that promotional is over it could bump up to $74.99.

Their web hosting promotion for their ultimate plan is $7.99 per month which turns out to be $95.88 per year and $16.99 per month $203.88 regular price. They also have a free ssl included in that package and other common features like unlimited databases. The total for all their promotional services mentioned is: $239.2

The total for their regular price is:  $458.75

At  you get all three services bundled at a price of: $203.64

My question to you is would you like to save money?

If you answered yes please reach out to us today. We’d like to help.

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