Stew Hosting is the new web hosting business created by Stew in 2018. Being in the web hosting business as a reseller for Godaddy since 2008 has given Steward ideal experience. As a result he felt it to be a good idea to start his own business and provide even better quality service and affordable pricing to customers.

He has big plans and hopes to be able to one day soon support 25% of customer base of what his mentor currently supports. He believes that client base is out there and is motivated to work hard and provide an awesome experience and good customer service. It is his goal to one day lay the foundation and create multiple data centers designed to create jobs and further promote the 99.9% up-time experience clients through web hosting.

Our core service is web hosting, vps hosting, and dedicated server hosting. It is our goal/plan to offer additional services including email, ssl, website builder, and other supportive services that help a business grow.