So we worked with a cool music producer in Atlanta that goes by the name of Don to come up with a simple song to help us promote Stew Hosting. One word… Dope, not only did he do everything… he did everything quick lol. Don is talented and enjoyed editing the video for the music he created. How do you take multiple clips and create a story based on mere lyrics? Don knows. So we wanted to post the video here for you to listen to, looking forward to working on more projects in the future with Don.

Stew Hosting is a new Startup based in Atlanta, Georgia looking to server businesses in the metro Atlanta area and abroad. We offer shared web hosting and VPS Hosting for websites and applications that require a heavier capacity. We’re excited also because we’re finalizing offering dedicated servers. Why choose us? We have that small business spirit and care about our clients and want to provide a good service and serve the community. If you have any questions feel free to call us or send us a message.

Stew Hosting