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Web Design Steps for your business in 2019

Step 1 Securing your domain name

The first thing to consider when preparing to have your website built is choosing the right domain name. Are you a for profit or non profit? If you’re a non profit common practice is to choose the .org extension but it isn’t mandatory. If you’re a for profit you have the common .com extension or you can choose some of the newer extensions. To learn more begin here: (Domain Names)   When deciding the domain name for your website make sure the domain name isn’t long, your customers will thank you in the end.

Step 2 Choosing the right web hosting plan for your needs

The next step you will need to complete is securing your web hosting with We offer shared hosting packages designed to keep your website online with a 99,9% uptime. If you need a package that includes web hosting, ssl certificate, and business email we have just the package for you (Web Hosting).  This plan starts at $17.96. If you need a plan with more power and space we recommend you choose the virtual private server package at $29.99 per month. Websites that receive a lot of traffic would be ideal for a vps plan. If you’re looking to host a mobile app a vps would be a good start. If you need a dedicated server we can provide that service as well. If you’re running software that has multiple users who use bandwidth and storage a dedicated server may be a good option for you. If you’re not sure which way you need to go give us a call so we can assess your needs.

Step 3 Web design

The next step in web design is reaching out to us so we can learn more about your web design needs. We can design a custom website that has custom features or develop a WordPress website that enables you to login on the backend and make simple changes that do not require you to know how to code. If you need an online store designed for your business we’d be thrilled to offer you some ideas that will empower you to stake your claim in a 250+ billion dollar industry (source) deciding what kind of website

Step 4 Marketing your website

Marketing your business/website is a crucial step in reaching your audience. Our background is in marketing so we have a good idea of what it takes to help you reach your audience. How fast do you need to reach them? Remember, marketing is not a one and done approach. Depending on what industry you’re in it can be launched several ways depending on season. Each business has its on focus and needs and we’d like to learn more about what you do. Feel free to send us a message or give us a call.

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