Good morning, we’re at the helm looking to grow the business from nothing to something. It is compelling how that happens via bank loans or angel investors but what about the small businesses who have to go the route less traveled? That’s the life of small business, dealing with the everyday struggles to make an impact in a huge industry where the big boys have millions (60M) to burn in marketing and we’re in the hundreds… lol. Well that’s no reason for us to quit right? I mean things are more meaningful for small business, our customers are not just numbers. Today we’ll be working on our marketing campaign. S.W.O.T., strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats oh yes. We all have them and now it’s writing them out and looking at how to addresses each one.

Where impossible happensbehind-the-scenes-like-a-web-host

Why web hosting, we got into web hosting after being in the business as a reseller for 8 years with the top web host. We’ve watched over time and learned the ins and outs of web hosting and feel we have something to offer that others dont have and that’s our time, experience, and expertise. At the end of the day we understand you just want the service to work, no excuses. We’re on it. We like to be apart of the team, behind the scenes making sure your website is online.

Like the Goliaths of web hosting industry we have an automated ordering system that is user friendly and we’re always looking to improve on our business process. Our team is small at the moment but as we build our customer base we’re going to reinvest in a part timer then full timer.


One of our goals is to have a data center where we have an army of servers providing world class web hosting services and security protecting our customers websites powered by the sun. Sure that’s ambitious and probably costs about 3.5 million+ dollars to bring to reality but hey why not? We also want to create a foundation or partner with a NPO that encourages youth and people toward tech.

Core services

Our core services are web hosting: Shared, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, saving people money, and providing good service. We’re not perfect but we value our customers. Shared web hosting is where a group of people share the load so the cost of web hosting isn’t put on one individual’s budget. If a business has a bigger demand then we recommend a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server. One thing about our services is you don’t have to go it alone, we’re here to help. If you need help setting up your server we’re available to assist.

The future

We look to offer emails, email marketing, website builder, and other services that are relevant and help businesses reach their goals of becoming and staying profitable.