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Can I be your web host?


I am Steward D. Clinton with I started a web hosting service business. So far I have been able to find 25 customers and I am thankful to provide web hosting services for them. I have lost some and gained some so it takes continuous work and learning.  My goal is to provide web hosting services for 1,000 customers. Can you help me by becoming one of my customers? Our goal is to be good stewards of web hosting, what do you think of my tag?

By switching to Stew Hosting you’ll help me tremendously in reaching my goal to become a web hosting provider in Atlanta Georgia. Our servers are stateside (U.S. based) and we’re working on them being local. 

Being a college graduate comes with many rewards and can come with many challenges as well, the biggest challenge I face currently is paying off my student loan. Some will say it’s my responsibility even though I didn’t fully understand compounding interest when I signed up for it and I understand. My family didn’t teach me about credit so I had to learn the hard way, it was a lesson indeed. 

Before I started I began thinking about how I could solve my debt issue and that’s when web hosting came into play. I started a business doing web design some years back and didn’t know much about web hosting until Godaddy and I recommended them to some of my first clients. I had to learn I could benefit from web hosting too since it was a needed service to host a website online. 

I found a program Godaddy had where I was able to help clients and benefit as well, this was my first experience with web hosting. I learned Godaddy wants to help people through this program but not as much as they want to help themselves. Being with them for several years I worked my way up to 170 customers but I wasn’t seeing the full benefit of my labor. They were getting over 75% of the revenue for my efforts. 

That’s when I came up with a plan and created As with anything new you’re always wanting to get that first client to validate what you’re doing and sure enough the Lord enabled me to land my first customer, and then my second, and so on. 

Why is my goal, 1,000 customers? It’s manageable and it will allow us to build our customer service department and IT department. I believe in the services we provide and we want to help our customers by being good stewards of their web hosting. Companies like Godaddy and Host Gator have thousands of customers and that’s something many small businesses strive to reach. I just want to live a simple life and provide good customer service to those who would support my quest in being an entrepreneur. I have many ideas to bring to the market but for now, this is one I have to get off the ground and I can’t do it without your help. Please share, Thank you.

Steward D. Clinton




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