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An Idea to Work Through The Corona Virus

Currently, we’re seeing the Corona Virus affect many industries around the world. Most recently we saw the NBA suspend all of its games as a result of Rudy Gobert testing positive for Coronavirus. This will set off a chain of events for people who work in that industry. What can some of them do to work to keep things going in their camp? Put their energy in their own personal blog and monetize it. This can be a benefit because all you need to get started is web hosting, a domain name, a little bit of creativity, and a plan. We want to be apart of your plan.

You can get your hosting at Stew Hosting and we’ll work with you to point you in the right direction to get going. From setting up the website to setting up analytics we’ll be there with you. Blogging can take work but it’s a way for you to connect with your audience. You can share your posts on your favorite social media channels and lead them back to your website. How does this help? The ads can help you generate revenue through your website. If you have further questions on setting this up please send us a message Here.

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